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  • Pornstars: Karolina Frost , Nestee Shy
  • Tags: acrobatics anal toys blonde close up fingering gaping kissing lesbian masturbation medium size tits mutual masturbation natural tits on the sofa pussy licking scissoring stripping teen (18+)
  • Title: Nestee and Karolina's anal toys xxx
  • Description: Jessy B and Kristina J are BFFs. They do everything together. Recently, they even shared a man. That's sisterhood in my books. As sisters, they have decided to never keep secrets from each other so they came clean... they both admitted to being attracted to each other. What an intense moment! But what's the next step? Jessy made the first step grabbing Kristina's perky tits while she started kissing Jessy's moist lips. It all comes so naturally, it's like they've done it before but it was all so new. This is such a big step for them. You can see they're anxious to go further, but they don't wanna fuck it up so they're taking it step by step, undressing those sweet innocent bodies. The heat is on and their pussies are so moist and steamy! Licking those pussies is like licking ice cream, creamy and sweet! They pull out the big gun and start scissoring with it. It feels so good, they've never bonded like this before! What are sisters for?
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Lesbian action with Karolina Frost and Nestee Shy


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