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  • Title: Watch divine Aiden Ashley and Charlotte Sins's porn
  • Description: Aiden Ashley has invited her friend Charlotte Sins over for some catch-up time. It's been ages since they've seen each other, what with Ashely being consumed with work and Charlotte being busy going on dates with tons of guys in the city. They decide to make the most of their time together and do something fun, but before they can come up with anything, Charlotte gets an email on her cellphone. She apologies to Aiden- she forgot to turn her notifications off and doesn't want to appear rude. She's about to close her phone, but Aiden stops her. Wait- WHAT is that subject line? It says 'Do Not Open This Email'. The girls are intrigued, and decide to have a little fun and do just the opposite! But when Charlotte opens the email, it turns out to be a chain email telling her to convert to lesbianism or she'll have bad luck for seven years. Since they are both straight, they share a laugh, delete the email, and go back to hanging out.A few days later, however, Aiden is taken aback when a terrified Charlotte shows up unexpectedly at her door. She scrambles into Aiden's house, pacing and frantic. Aiden asks her what's wrong, and Charlotte reveals that tons of weird and embarrassing instances of bad luck have occurred ever since she opened that chain mail. She got her pants stuck in the elevator at the mall the other day, and she ended up mooning everybody! And then at a party, this guy accidentally spilled his beverage all over her white shirt so that everyone there could see her tits. Even as she speaks, Charlotte's panties miraculously slip off and fall to her ankles. 'You SEE?' Charlotte exclaims.Aiden assures her that there MUST be a reasonable explanation for all this. It's probably just a series of coincidences. But Charlotte disagrees- she's never had this many things go wrong in such a short time. Yes, she's clumsy and always has been, but this is simply too weird to be caused by her aloofness alone. Suddenly, Charlotte's blouse opens on its own, revealing her bra. Now Aiden is starting to get freaked out- that DEFINITELY wasn't a coincidence. Charlotte then realizes that the only way to stop what's happening to her is to do what the chain email said and have lesbian sex. She's as straight as an arrow, but she has no other choice if she wants her life to go back to normal. Aiden is a little taken aback, but wants to be there for her friend, and Charlotte doesn't really know any lesbians so her options are pretty limited. Eventually, Aiden agrees to have sex with Charlotte, helping her break this curse once and for all.
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